Misuzudo 美篶堂

November 23rd, 2010 § 3 comments

I finally arrived ! to the finest (my humble opinion) notebook binding house in Japan. They are located in Ochanomizu, not too far from Akihabara where the latest tech-gadgets bustle in and out and around. The place holds a small atelier along side the shop, where you can see demonstrations of book binding classes. There are display of products with warm but pristine finish, the soft high quality paper, and the place is filled with atmosphere created by the warmth of its paper people and finished products.

The name Misuzudou (美篶堂)comes from a name of a place in Nagano prefecture in central Japan, and is the home town of the founder Matsuo Kamijima. They pronounce them selves as “book binders” and devotes themselves to producing beautiful books and notebooks, which they do so well.

One astonishing thing is the notebook you pick up here, when you open them, lye completely flat and open from day one, and until the day you finish using them.  I am sure all of us have experience writing in a nice diary thread bound new notebook that does not stay open and we either have to stick in a pen or something to keep the page when you leave it behind to say make your self a cup of tea. The bindings are sturdy that way, but it is very difficult to write towards the center side of the page, and although its to be expected, it is such a reward when you find a real quality binding notebook that does this.

One of the products I like from this place is the “accordion albums”  this is just the right size to keep your favorite photos, or collect cards, etc and scrap them. If you are an artist, it becomes one very unique and fun catalog of your work.

My next edition of Misuzudo article will be how was the usage of their products and then… what i felt. In this visit, I bought two notebooks, 2 post cards, 1 album and one small catalog. I will share them with you soon!

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